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Which City Are Mainly Supply Chinese Marble?

February 7, 2020

We know that the Chinese Marble get more and more popular in market now. There also with a lots of peoples like to use it for decoration now.As we know the Chinese marble with rich colors and veins can choose. For example, there with famous White Oak Marble, Athens Wood Marble, Grey Girl Marble,Oriental White, and Panda White Marble,etc. So many various types materials that all with own special style and use.

For some new buyers that they like to buy Chinese Marble. Then which city is mainly supply and export city from China. We know that there with a lots of province that with marble quarry and can supply good materials.For example, the famous place has Yunnan,Sichuan,Shandong and Guangdong,Fujian,etc. The popular city has Yunfu, Qingdao and Xiamen,Quanzhou,etc. So, when you looking Chinese marble in various types, then can looking from above places or cities. Of course, if you are a new buyer, and do not know very well about marble stone from China. Then you can looking suppliers from Xiamen. As the Xiamen port is biggest marble export port from China. In addition, there also with a lots of trading company in there too.

After we introduced in short as above, the peoples maybe know where can looking good Chinese Marble suppliers, and Xiamen is biggest port and mainly supply Chinese Marble too. Marble-Sale.Com mainly produce and export this type of product, welcome contact with us.

xiame port
xiame port

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